Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project 365 Week 20

This week Rick was home and we had fun just spending time together and getting the house a little more organized (I still have some work to do in that department). Here are my photos for the week.

12/27 Where's Will? We decided to go through all of the kids' toys on Monday and get rid of a bunch of the toys they don't play with. This is all of their toys is one room! I am happy to say that the big diaper box in the middle of the room was overflowing with toys to give away, along with a second box.

12/28 Rick and the girls playing outside. Rick tried to take them down the sledding hill at a nearby park, but they got scared so they came home and played in the yard instead.

12/29 This is the ornament Will got for Christmas this year- his first!

12/30 Will after a bath

12/31 Group tummy time- we had "Crafty Day" at our house and at one point all of the babies had to get in a little tummy time!

1/1 Happy New Year! These are the roses Rick had delivered on New Year's Eve. I love roses!

1/2 This is Addy with Lego Woody at the new Lego store at the Mall of America. She loved him! I think she could have stood next to him all day!

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