Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tag, You're It!

At the beginning of June I participated in "Layout Tag" with some of the other ladies at Challenge Masters. How it works is someone picks a layout to start from, it is sent to the first person who uses it as inspiration for a layout they make. The new completed layout is sent to the next person who uses it as inspiration and so on. There were 16 participants. I was the first person. The layout I was given for inspiration was this:

Here is the layout I made:

As you can see, I copied the placement of the elements very closely. I like the distressed background so I used some paint and a dry foam brush to distress my background paper. Instead of the beaded string spiraling diagonally through the page, I added some buttons. Finally I added my journaling in strips to the bottom right corner because I needed more space than was available in the original design. You can see the rest of the progression here.

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