Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 8-3-14

Wow, I took a lot of photos this week!  I think I may be using some in the weeks to come because this week's scavenger hunt doesn't even begin to cover the events of this week!  And, there are hardly any photos of my kids this week!

Insects are animals, right?  Today I took a photography class and we had the opportunity to walk around a garden for two hours, just snapping photos and trying different things.  It was a lot of fun! That is where I shot this, There were a bunch of these flowers, with several of these bugs flying around and landing on them.  I liked how they looked blue metallic.

Sorry folks, it's the 1/3 of the year that it ISN'T cold here, so I went with water frozen in time, no ice. ;)

We went to the county fair last Sunday.  Here is a sign telling us that the little lamb in the photo was born the previous day!

No photos of sleeping kiddos for this one... ;/ Just a sleeping mama lion through a fence.

Two Things
There were two really cool fountains at the park we were at today (the other is pictured above.  Here are two (of the three) heads shooting out water.

Bonus: Upside Down
This was one of the prompts last week.  Well, I had a photo this week that fit this prompt perfectly, so I brought it back.  At the zoo we went to this week, there is a conservatory.  In the conservatory, there were these flowers that grew out of the bottom of the pots.  My dad thought it would be funny to hang my youngest upside down next to them "to make it look like they were growing the right way." :) So, how'd we do?


  1. I love your water and fountain pics. The bonus upside down pic is genius!

  2. Love the fountains, such great perspective on both!

  3. These are all great shots! I love the combination of the blue bug on the pink flower!.