Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10-26-13

We had a busy week this week with a birthday, birthday party, and a trip to the pumpkin patch.  All of those things provided lots of opportunities for photos as well so I the scavenger hunt was pretty easy this week:

My second oldest turned 5 on Tuesday (how did that happen already?!).  Here is a photo from the day she was born and one from yesterday... she's changed a little.  :)

Your Mood Today
On Friday we had a birthday party with some of Addy's friends.  This photo shows her mood most of the day.  

I didn't really have any "dark" photos, so I went with this one which was underexposed because I took it in the shade yesterday at the pumpkin patch.

There was this little tent set up at the pumpkin patch.  I thought this photo looked like my kids were saying, "Welcome!"

Depth of Field
For as late in the season as it is, there were quite a few pumpkins left at the farm to pick from.


  1. Such fun and lively photos each one a family dynamic!

  2. Joyous shots of your kids. The tent one was so cute. Very nice shot of the pumpkins for your DOF shot.