Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finding My Photo Style- Week 2

This week our instructor for "Finding Your Photo Style" is Elizabeth Dillow.  I would describe Elizabeth's style as journalistic.  Her lessons this week focused on telling the story.

The first assignment was to focus on taking photos of an event that showed the 3 C's: Context, Characters and Close Ups.  On Monday we planted some flowers, and here are the photos I took, from left to right; close ups, context, and characters.

Our second assignment was to work on "knowing when to click".  Last Friday we went to a local gym and the kids had a blast running down the long trampoline and jumping into the foam pit.  I love the look of glee on her face:

Our last assignment was to evaluate our photo editing style.  Elizabeth tends to do very minimal edits, as do I.  I generally do a white balance check, adjust the exposure, sharpen it a bit and up the vibrance.  Here is a comparison of the straight out of camera shot (left) and the same shot after my basic edits.  The only thing further that I would maybe do is to lighted the shadows a bit so his hands are so dark.

That's all for this week, we meet a new instructor and get new assignments tomorrow!

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  1. Great jumping photo. Visiting from Find Your Style Class!