Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11-4-12

We enjoyed lots of fall/ Halloween activities this week! The prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday were pretty open ended this time, so I was able to find photos that would work.

All three kids dressed up as animals this year for Halloween, so I thought this photo of the three of them in costume (and smiling goofy) fit this pretty well.

These are the pumpkins that greeted trick-or-treaters as they walked up the steps to our house. The girls chose the designs for the pumpkins, I did the carving.

Rick and the kids had a great time trick-or-treating on Halloween. I followed them around to the first few houses so I could get some photos. Here they are trudging through some leaves in the street on their way to the next house.

Last Sunday evening the kids painted their pumpkins with vibrant tempera paints. Here's Addy working on hers.

A "classic" fall activity: raking leaves! We have 4 large maple trees in our yard, so we always have LOTS of leaves to rake!


  1. I love your Jack O Lanterns. Creative. That's a great "vibrant" pumpkin. I love to see what the kids come up with when we let them be creative. :)

  2. A wild bunch in deed. Looks like a very enjoyable Halloween and welcoming Jack O Lanterns. Thanks for sharing.