Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Chain

Today, instead of sharing one of my projects, I am sharing something my kids have been working on. Simcha Fisher, a Catholic mom and blogger at The National Catholic Register, shared a file that can be used to make an Advent chain.  I had saved the link and finally this week, with Advent upon us, came up with a plan and got it rolling.

First, I had my kids color the pictures that are on each "link".  This worked out nicely because there are 6 sheets of links and I have 3 children.  :)  After they finished coloring, they cut the strips apart.

Yesterday we took the strips and made a chain out of them, taping the ends together with a piece of Scotch tape so they will be pretty easy to remove from the chain.

Starting tomorrow night, during our bedtime prayers, we will remove one link and read the Bible verse on it. Then they will cut out the picture on that link and I will punch a hole and add a piece of string and they will add it to the little tree the girls have in their room.  If you were following me when I did my Project 365, you may remember this:

Not exactly a Jesse tree, but we are going to make this work with what we have!

There you have it, I am very excited for this because I think it will make us all reflect a bit more on the season and "the reason for the season."  I hope you all have very blessed Advents!

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