Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10-14-12

I got some photos taken (and edited!) this week, so I decided to participate in this week's scavenger hunt.

Water Drops
We went to a pumpkin farm yesterday. It was a little chilly and drizzling the whole time we were there. Here is a shot of some water droplets on my little guy's face.

Okay, so this photo isn't from this week and I didn't even take it, my husband set up the tripod and was using the remote; but I wanted to share it and it fit the prompt.  In June, my husband and I got to take a weekend away to relax and celebrate our 8th anniversary (it was a gift from some amazing friends).  When I read the prompt, I immediately thought of marriage and faithfulness.

Then and Now
This week I took Addy's 4-year portraits.  I chose these two photos to not only show how much Addy has changed over the last year, but it is also shows my progress in taking and editing photos.

They had face painting at the pumpkin farm and Will decided to get a tractor painted on his face.  This lady's fingertips were kept busy painting kids' faces today!

Item from Fall Bucket List
I chose "nature walk".  As part of Addy's "photo session", we walked through the wooded part of the park near our house looking for pretty places to take photos.  Here are all three kids running through the leaves.


  1. Gorgeous shots! Love the nature walk and the then and now is so precious, she is a cutie!

  2. Oh my goodness, these pictures are beautiful. That last one with the bridge and the trees, and your children running down the path....I love it.

  3. Great images this week. I love that last shot, and think it interesting how you found 2 important themes for then and now. She's adorable.

  4. Sweet photos, especially like the last one with the children running across the bridge with those beautiful colors!!

  5. What a great series! I love that nature walk photo! It looks they had fun too!

  6. Great set of photos - your little girl is adorable.

  7. Ah that first one is so touching! And all of them are beautiful! =)

  8. Lovely family shots! I love the action in the Nature Walk one.

  9. Very nice set. My top 2 picks: Water Drops and Bucket List - Autumn Walk.