Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 5-13-12

Happy Mother's Day all!  This week I managed to take some photos for the scavenger hunt.  I am loving the warmer weather and getting to use outdoor, natural light!!

My little guy walking home from the park, with the duckies from his stroller and sippy cup in hand.  :)

I was inspired by a few blog posts this week to try some new activities with the kids.  This post talked about making homemade chalk paint.  I jumped at the chance to use up all the small chunks of sidewalk chalk my kids had.  We put all the pieces of the same color in a Ziploc bag, smashed them into powder with hammers, dumped them into a jar and added water.  The kids have LOVED it! 

As in freezing time.  Doesn't she look like she is having the best time?

Close Up
We planted flowers in my flowerbeds on Friday.  Here is one of the plants Ellie picked out.

With Mirror
When I saw this prompt I thought about some cool effects I could do, but then this little opportunity presented itself and I couldn't pass up sharing the photo (there is a little mirror showing in the top left).


  1. Great set - I really like your sidewalk and time shots.

  2. how precious is the MIRROR shot. kids are adorable... I hope you are having a fabulous MOTHER'S DAY?!! the SIDEWALK shot & INSPIRATION shots are cute too. OH... I miss being around small children. It seems you have FUN with them.

  3. Nice set, I like how 'sidewalk' has sort of an old fashioned look, did you do something to it in post editing? i like it. My other favorite is 'time' great capture!

  4. As I looked at each photo I thought "this is my favorite", no "this is my favorite"! Great photos. It looks like you had a wonderful week!

  5. Really great photos! Love how you capture the moment. Had to laugh at the last photo...I catch my kids doing that as well!

  6. Great photos. Your children are beautiful. The sidewalk shot is my favorite by far. So sweet.

  7. ha... love the mirror shot! ;) sweet littles!