Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 10-23-11

I managed to pull together some photos for this weeks Photo Scavenger Hunt at Ramblings and Photos. A couple of the photos are from a couple of weeks ago. I've realized I may need to get the camera out a little more again!

Addy's birthday cake for her party today. I have to say this is the best my "writing" has ever turned out on a cake!

We spent some time at the zoo on Friday. The Amur leopards are my favorite!

This one is from our trip to the pumpkin farm a couple of weekends ago, I love how excited Will is!

They may not be in flight, but they do fly... This is from the marina in Lake City a couple of weeks ago.

Always Look on the Bright Side
Addy getting ready to blow out her candles!


  1. So great - really love your orange shot. Adorable.

  2. your set is amazing! especially the under and orange shots!

    Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY