Thursday, August 24, 2017

52 Week Photography Challenge- Weeks 30-34

Well, here I am again, waaaaay behind. I have 5 photos for the last 5 prompts to share.

Week 30- Reflections
We spent last week with my husband's sister's family in Illinois. One of the first nights we were there, I noticed the sky was beautiful and it was super still so the pond in their backyard had a perfect reflection in it.

Week 31- Transportation
I struggled with this prompt the most and I'm not loving this photo for it, but I decided I needed to move on! While we were in Illinois, we went to Legoland. This is my husband and daughter on one of the rides there.

Week 32- Clouds
This photo was taken the same night as the first one in this post, just shooting in a different direction.

Week 33- Morning
A couple of weeks ago, the kids, my parents, and I went to the Arboretum. It rained that morning, and throughout the day, leaving lovely drops on the flowers and plants.

Week 34- Wildlife
The kids and I went to the zoo yesterday. This white cheeked gibbon was howling away while we were there and I managed to catch this shot of it.

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