Thursday, June 1, 2017

52 Week Photography Challenge- Weeks 20 and 21

Hello! I'm finally posting my photos for weeks 20 and 21, which means I am caught up! I'm thinking this week's prompt should be fairly easy, so I should be able to post my photo for this week this weekend.

First up is week 20, which was Something Old. I struggled a lot with this one. We spent Monday at my sister-in-law's dad's house on the lake and that's where I was able to take both of these shots. I believe this piece was once a baby crib, but I may be wrong. They have put a piece of plywood across the bottom to make it a bench for when they want to sit around the fire.

This was also shot at the lake house, this time on the dock by the lake. The prompt for week 21 was leading lines. I used the railing and the siding to lead to eye to the little flag.


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