Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project 365 Week 42

I forgot to take a picture one day again this week (Wednesday this time), but I have included an extra one from Saturday. We didn't do a whole lot in the middle of the week, but we had fun weekends on either end!

5/30 We went to Mazeppa for Memorial Day to hang out with the Josselyns. We started the day at a ceremony at the cemetery. It was a beautiful program and such a good reminder of why we celebrate the day. Thank you veterans!

5/31 Will swinging at the park. He really loves to swing, and I don't mind pushing him in the swing because, since he can't walk he crawls around and eats wood chips when he is not in the swing! On a side note: this may be my new favorite angle to photograph a child in the swing (I'm crouching down, shooting up), I just love the background of the treetops and blue sky!

6/2 Will after he dismantled the Swiffer- doesn't he look proud of himself?!

6/3 Addy smiling at the dinner table- look at all those dimples!

6/4 Addy dancing around the living room. One of the girls' favorite things to do right now is to turn on music and take turns dancing around- it's pretty cute!

6/4 Ellie playing in the sprinklers at the zoo. Ellie has really become brave when it comes to water. She loves running through the sprinkler and is no longer afraid of getting her face wet!

6/5 Rick and Will in the pool at Rick's parents house. We had such a great time playing in the pool today!

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